Boutique Matchmaking Service

High-end, offline matchmaking service

Pre-process status

Unique business concept; strong brand; quality, dedicated staff

Challenges for maximizing enterprise value

  • Sub-scale
  • No best practices
  • No financial controls
  • Low profit margins
  • No scalability
  • Lack of senior staff expertise
  • No quality professional services vendors

Key initiatives for building a better company

  • Written business plan
  • Reassignment of staff responsibilities
  • Partnering with quality professional services vendors
  • Development of scalable model
  • Elimination of potential liabilities
  • Significant increase in margins by controlling expenses, re-evaluating pricing model


  • 5x increase in topline revenue and EBITDA
  • Partners annual “take-home” increased 25x
  • Business sold at more than 7x pre-SPGS partnership value