Commercial Photo Studio

Photo studio and sound stage in NY, providing space and equipment for brand and service companies

Pre-process status

28 year old entrepreneurial business, modest growth with strong margins, excellent reputation for quality service, realistic opportunity to dominate marketplace

Challenges for maximizing enterprise value

  • Too much control/micro-management of owner
  • No best practices
  • No financial controls
  • Lack of senior staff expertise
  • Inadequate funding for expansion

Key initiatives for building a better company

  • Written business plan
  • Hire executive level management team
  • Secure bank financing
  • Expand sales staff
  • Adopt proactive sales strategy
  • Hire professional vendors (legal, accounting, banking, social media)


  • Work in progress
  • Located and hired several new senior management team members
  • Developed scalable growth model
  • Established blueprint for domestic and international expansion
  • Anticipated exit valuation of $100,000,000