Hannah Mierke

chief administration officer

Hannah Mierke is an entrepreneurial and strategic leader who identifies and implements growth strategies with a focus on scalability, brand integrity, and an enhanced employee experience.

Hannah has more than a decade of success in recruiting, training, operations management, cultural development and driving projects from concept to completion for organizational success. Hannah has consistently created systematic top line and EBITDA growth, while building equity value. Using exceptional communication skills, inspiration and motivation skill of staff, Hannah has been extremely successful in making critical decisions during challenging circumstances.

Hannah has developed a Quality Lead Analysis & Generation program and supplemented it with the acquisition of a 100+ person field network, which accounted for a 30% year over year increase in lead gen and a 42% conversation rate on new quality leads.

Hannah is uniquely skilled in Saleforce CRM, financial modeling & reporting and intellectual property management. Hannah has a particular skill in organizing data room information, drafting CIM’s and preparing and presenting in management meetings.

Hannah is a graduate of Northern Michigan University with degrees in economics and French. She currently resides with her husband and two children in Raleigh, NC.