Specialty Paper Manufacturer

Custom envelope printing and conversion for upscale direct mail

Pre-process status

39 year old family business, managed by second generation siblings, strong reputation, quality product/service

Challenges for maximizing enterprise value

  • Expand limited manufacturing capacity
  • Maintain or grow CPM pricing model
  • Expand executive level talent
  • Create better processes and controls
  • Develop relatable product categories

Key initiatives for building a better company

  • Hire senior sales and operations executives
  • Expand authorities of current executives
  • Integrate new equipment
  • Institutionalize family business model
  • Position company as more than a commodity


  • Several key management hires made in less than 18 months from initiation of partnership
  • More than 3x increase in topline revenue and EBITDA
  • Partners annual “take-home” increased 20x
  • Current valuation estimate at 8x pre-SPGS partnership value